Anita and the team are all adhering to safety procedures and standards set out in the current regulations. Please note that the prices of all treatments have increased in price by 10%. This is added when you visit the salon.

At Anita's Beauty Works our fully qualified staff offer a wide range of treatments which are listed below. Beauty vouchers are also available, these make a perfect gift for a loved one. Vouchers are valid for six months from issue.



We offer a range of different styles of massage to calm and relax the body. These include:


Polynesia Spa Ritual Massage

A slow, powerful sculpting massage, accompanied by sand pouches called 'Tuiponos'. These relax the muscles deep down, perfect for any knots or aches and pains.

Choose from either a Back, Neck and Shoulders massage (30 minutes) - £26.00
or a Full Body Massage (60 minutes) - £45.00.


Massage using pre-mixed Aromatherapy Oils

We offer a choice of oils for your treatment.
Choose from either a Back, Neck and Shoulders massage - £20.00,
or a Full Body Massage - £34.00.


Hot Stone Therapy

The most relaxing and therapeutic massage possible.
Choose from either a Back, Neck and Shoulders massage (30 minutes) - £23.00,
or a Full Body Massage (75 minutes) - £40.00.



Using natural essential oils in a holistic treatment to improve physical and emotional well-being. Includes a consultation and oils mixed especially to match you as an individual.
Choose from either a Back, Neck and Shoulders massage - £24.00,
or a Full Body Massage - £37.00.


Indian Head Massage - £27.00

An effective stress-buster, which is either given seated with massage of the head, neck and shoulders, or lying down with the added use of pre-mixed oils. (60 minutes)


Reflexology - £26.00

This ancient relaxation therapy works with points on the feet which correspond with different parts of the body. It can help and heal many health issues.


Hopi Ear Candles - £25.00

This treatment calms the mind and soothes the head and ears, it will loosen ear wax, unblock sinuses and help relieve stress and headaches. Includes a Pressure Point Massage.



Our Facial treatments use a number of different products, each targeting specific attributes of your face. These include:


Dermafusion Treatment

Dermafusion is the application of interactive ingredients which treat and prevent the signs of ageing. Using the Dermalift machine doubles the power of product penetration.
All Dermafusion Treatments include Cleanse, Tone, AHA Peel, Bio-Active Ampoule and Mask Infusion.


Intensive Mask Therapy - £35.00-£42.00

Bufusion, Caviar, Repair and Rejuvenating. Please ask your therapist which facial would suit your skin type.


Microdermabrasion - £30.00

For fine lines, wrinkles, dull dehydrated skin, acne prone skin and also sun damaged skin. Introductory offer


Green Tea Facial - £23.50

This unique synergy of both Green Tea Mask and Cream, creates a potent mechanism to relax skin tension, diminish fine lines and wrinkles. Dehydrated skin is replenished and hydrated. We'll even serve you a cup of green tea to go with it! (30 minutes)


Thalgo Facials

Thalgo Facials

Thalgo is a range of products which are rich in minerals, amino acids and vitamins that have been derived naturally from the riches of the sea. Thalgo is used in Harrods Spa, in Health Farms, Spas and has been chosen by Michael Owen for his spa in Chester.
All of our facials include a relaxing 10 minutes back, neck and shoulder massage or deeper brush cleanse and relaxation prelude.


Discovery Facial - £25.00

The perfect introduction to Thalgo facials, for an instant infusion of marine active ingredients, tailored to your skin type. (30 minutes)


Illuminating Radience Facial - £28.00

Instant radiance boosting facial.


Three Algae Facial - £39.00

Suitable for all skin types. (75 minutes)


Heart of The Ocean Ritual - £44.00

This personalised Thalgo signature facial ritual uses a serum packed with active marine ingredients to relax the facial muscles and to relieve tension in the arms, shoulders and neck. Ths is followed by a skin specific mask to correct any skin concerns. The treatment finishes with an application of moisturiser leaving the complexion restored to its natural beauty. Can be personalised according to skin type:

Source Marine Ritual - For normal/dehydrated skin. (75 minutes)

Cold Cream Marine Ritual - For those with sensitive, dry/very dry skin. (75 minutes)


Steam Facial - £33.00

Cleanse, Exfoliate, Steam, Extract and Mask. (60 minutes)


Anti-Ageing 35+ Facial - £52.00

Correct the signs of ageing with this smoothing and filling facial.


Anti-Ageing 45+ Facial - £57.00

Dare to defy time with this super lift facial, designed to combat all the signs of ageing at 40+ loss of firmness, pronounced wrinkles. Silicium Super-Lift Facial (80 minutes)


Anti-Ageing 50+ Facial - £65.00

The facial features an exclusive and revolutionary massage technique to encourage absolute relaxation and maximum toning to visibly lift the entire face and leave the skin smoother, brighter and rejuvenated. Ultimate Time Solution Ritual (90 minutes)


Brightening Lumiere Marine Treatment - £55.00

Thalgo’s high performance anti-pigmentation rejuvenating facial effectively reduces pigmentation marks and dark spots which can arise from environmental stresses such as pollution smoking UV rays and blue light, giving the skin a dull and less youthful appearance.
With progressive triple exfoliation and the clarifying powers of Brown Algae extract , this effective treatment provides a tailor made correction of all skin tone and dark spot concerns., for a clearer brighter complexion. Can help with Rosacea and a dull complexion also to brighten the skin. (75 minutes)




We are proud to use 'Fake Bake' in the salon. The product is a widely acclaimed natural, instant, self-tan as used by the stars.

Full body including face - £38.00
Half body - £25.00



Exfoliation is an important part of skin care, our treatments will leave your skin feeling smoother and looking fresher. We offer two treatments which are:


Full Body Exfoliation - £26.00

Includes a full body scrub followed by an application of luxurious moisturiser.


Back Cleanse and Exfoliate - £33.00

Steam, Extraction Massage and Mask. (60 minutes)


Slim Wraps

Slim Wraps

Our Slim Wraps replenish your skin with nourishing minerals that will firm and tone the skin and help to lose the important inches and improve the appearance of cellulite. - £45.00


Non-Surgical Facelifts

Non-Surgical Facelifts

Introducing 'Dermalift Microface and Microface Intense', a widely acclaimed treatment for reducing fine lines and wrinkles, lifting and toning the muscles and improving the texture and appearance of the skin. The facial can also help with puffiness, fluid retention and acne. A course of 10 treatments are required for full results although you will see results after just one session. Each treatment takes 60 minutes.

Individual treatment from £40.00 - This includes 10% Glycolic acid peel.

Course of 10 Treatments from £360.00 - Recommended for the over 30s.

A lymphatic drainage programme can be added to treatments for only £4.00


Deluxe - Non-Surgical Facelift - £52.00

Includes Collagen Anti-Wrinkle Dermafusion Mask. (90 minutes)

Jowl / Lip Lift from £25.00



Our fully trained Make-Up artists can offer the following services:

Make-Up Lesson (including Application) - £32.00

Make-Up Application - £25.00

Bridal Make-Up (including make-up trial) - £49.00




Not happy with your lashes or eyebrows? Our therapists can change your look in a number of ways. Before any of our treatments are undertaken a patch test is required.

Eyelash Tint - £10.00
Eyelash Perm - £25.00
Eyelash Perm and (48 hours later) Tint - £31.00
Eyebrow Tint - £6.50
Eyebrow Shape - £7.00
Eyebrow Wax - £7.50
Eyebrow Shape and Tint - £12.50
Eyelash and Brow Tint - £14.50


LASHUS Eyelash Lift

The LASHUS formula doesn't include any harsh or unnecessary ingredients, providing an incredibly gentle lift that helps promote natural lash health, strength and growth, whilst delivering amazing results at the same time! Results that last for up to 8 weeks - £35.00

Eye Dermalift (or lid lift)

Lifts and refines the eye contour, smoothes fine lines and reduces dark shadows and puffiness (30 minutes) - From £25.00


High Brow

Measuring stencil, eyebrow tint, wax, shape and application of powder brow colour for perfect eyebrows.
Offer Price £15.00 (normally £18.00)


Deluxe Eye Dermalift (or lid lift) - £33.00

Using Vitamin C eye pads and intensive Dermafusion treatment, fine lines and dark shadows are diminished and eyes are revitalised


Thalgo Eye Expert - £25.00

Treats dark circles, puffiness, fine lines and deep wrinkles




Our nail technicians offer a wide range of treatments for the hands and feet. We also have a full range of specialist after care nail products available to purchase.



Manicure without polish - £18.00
Manicure with polish - £20.00
Re-polish and file - £10.00
French Manicure - £23.00
Paraffin Wax Manicure - Ideal for dry hands & arthritic aches and pains. - £25.00
Paraffin wax on it's own - £7.25
Little 'Miss' Manicure - for young ladies up to 14 years of age. - £15.50



Pedicure without polish - £23.00
Pedicure with polish - £26.00
Toe nail cutting and filing - £10.00
Paraffin Wax Pedicure - Ideal for dry feet & arthritic aches and pains. - £30.00
Nail Gems - 50p


Polynesia Pedicure - £31.00

Lagoon water bath soak, white sand exfoliation of the feet and lower legs, cuticle work, Mahana oil massage, foot mask and paint


Callus Peel

Callus peeling removes dry, cracked or hard skin, without the use of blades or drills.

Added to a pedicure - £15.00
As a stand alone treatment - £20.00


Shellac Nails

Gel polish, which lasting up to 14 days without chipping and it dries instantly!

File, shape, cuticle tidy, paint and oil. - £20.00

Full Manicure - File, buff, soak, full cuticle work, shellac colour, massage, hand mask and oil. - £29.00

Pedicure - Cut, file, soak and scrub, Full cuticle work, foot rasp, shellac colour, massage and oil. - £32.00

Shellac Removal - Using heated mitts. - £9.00




Our trained staff will ensure a smooth finish and a fairly painless experience. Our salon offers a wide range of treatments.

1/2 Leg (bottom) - £16.00
1/2 Leg (top) - £17.00
1/2 Leg and Bikini - £22.50
3/4 Leg (lower leg & back of thigh) - £19.50
Full Leg - £21.50
Full Leg and Bikini - £27.50
Bikini - £11.00

Extended Bikini from £15.00
Underarm - £9.00
Forearm - £13.50
Chest / Back from - £18.00
Lip - £6.50
Chin - £6.50
Lip and Chin - £11.00

Special Packages

Special Packages

We have combined a number of our treatments into packages designed for the special occasions. These packages have been carefully designed to suit and offer a great saving on booking the individual parts. These are:


The Golden Special - £80.00

Manicure, Pedicure, Mini-Facial and Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage


The Platinum Special - £129.00

Ultimate Relaxation Facial, Full Body Massage, Paraffin Wax Manicure and Pedicure and Light application Make-Up


The Hen Package - £59.00

Manicure, Pedicure and Make-Up


The Wedding Package A - £81.00

Ultimate Relaxation Facial, Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage, Manicure, Pedicure and Eyebrow Shape


The Wedding Package B

Make-Up trial, then Make-Up on the day and a Manicure. Pricing dependant on bridal requirements


The Mum-To-Be Package - £60.00

Seated Back Massage, Pedicure and Mini-Facial


The Pre-Holiday Complete Package - £68.50

Manicure, Pedicure, Eyelash Tint and 1/2 Leg and Bikini Wax


Spa Bar - £30.00

Pick any three of the following:

  • Back Massage
  • Mini Facial
  • Foot and lower leg massage
  • Hand and arm massage
  • Scalp massage



Beauty Specialists

Alongside our permanent therapists a number of fully qualified beauty specialists are available for specialised treatment. These include:

An advanced electrologist specialising in skin tag, milia, electroysis, red vein removal and ear piecing. Louise is in the salon on Fridays.

For more information about the treatments, the availability of the specialists and to book any of our wonderful treatments, please ring the salon.

To allow us to give you a value for money service, we have a graded 25% discount with our junior member of staff.

Cancellations: Please give a minimum of 24 hours notice or a 50% fee will be occurred.

Payments: We also accept cheques and credit cards for payments of £10 and over.